INTRODUCING: Market Accelerated Planning (M.A.P.)

M.A.P provides a literal "MAP" for the trading day

(before the markets open...)

The most successful money managers know in advance what they are going to do before the market even moves


Imagine having their playbook - M.A.P is exactly that!

  • Get exact prices the market will react to

  • Get exact price levels the market must hold or break to know whether or not to buy or sell

  • Get exact prices on where to consider taking profit

  • Get all of this LIVE in real-time BEFORE the markets open!

Imagine knowing what a money manager is going to do before they do it.


We give you a map you can use to plan out your trades in advance of market open and use for the entire trading session!


Our prices are so uncanny you will feel like you’re cheating the markets!

The photo above is an example of actual prices used during this particular trading session. All prices were given before the market opens. As a member, you will receive these price levels prior to market open and can use them throughout the entire trading session.

M.A.P (Market Accelerated Planning) F.A.Q.

When can I access the M.A.P.?

M.A.P. (Market Accelerated Planning) service will be available 4-5 days per week and will be posted in the members area prior to market open, RTH (Regular Trading Hours).

Why is it 4-5 days per week and not just every day the markets are open?​

We are real people, not robots firing off uncanny market calls. Most weeks will be 5 days but in the event we need to handle personal matters, we will commit to no less than 4 days per week. This has only happened once in the last 4 months. Other times may include market closures due to holidays.

How is the M.A.P. content posted?​

The M.A.P. content will be posted in our M.A.P. member page using real-time chat software. When a post is made you will see it instantly just like you would in any other type of real-time chat room. Posts are date and time stamped and you may even download them if you would like to keep a record or use for personal review and study.

Which market(s) is this available for?​

Right now, we are posting M.A.P. content for the ES (E-mini S&P 500). We may be adding more in the near future.

Does M.A.P require a specific trading platform?

The M.A.P. (Market Accelerated Planning) service is NOT restricted to any one trading platform. Any trading software you use should work.

What Our Customers Say

This type of edge gives fund managers and traders leverage in the marketplace by allowing for real-time decisions with confidence. I would rather have someone pick up my order 2 points in the money than picking up someone else’s order a few points out of the money. With Prediction Points, this is possible. Most firms charge $100,000+ for data services like this. Your price and level of market trading edge that is delivered is unparalleled. I use Prediction Points and highly recommend it to other traders.

– Trent C.

Financial Analyst/Trader, Goldman Sachs

Market Accelerated Planning is currently available for the following instruments:​


E-mini S&P 500 (ES)


Start Trading w/ The Pros!

You'll have unlimited access to M.A.P. + L.T.S.

+ Prediction Points for an ENTIRE Year! 

  • Get step-by-step plans for using Prediction Points prices. See "behind the scenes" of how we produce outrageous results in LTS. 

  • Learn how to plan your trades before the markets open, giving you an extra edge for successful trading. 

  • Apply to ANY Market. Learn from the pro's on the S&P 500 and apply to ANY market you want to trade. 

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